Poudre Valley Lions Club


Beginning in 1917 and going international in 1920 Lions Clubs were formed to get involved with projects to help their community. In 1927 Helen Keller asked the Lions to become the Knights of the blind. In 1965 the Poudre Valley Lions Club was formed and has actively been serving the community for the past 52 years.

Today we are part of the largest service organization in the world, with over 1.35 million members in 46,000 Lions Clubs spread across the world in more then 210 countries. You can go anywhere in the world and find a Lions Club helping ease the burden.


The Poudre Valley Lions Club raises funds to help local children who are not able to get proper vision care. These funds are raised by various projects through out the year. The club collects used glasses to be redistributed to needy migrant workers and their families. Many families in the area are in need of proper eye care.

Some of these funds have helped provide talking computers for the school district and help send kids to the Lions Camp outside Woodland Park. We also work with the hearing impaired.


In conjunction with the city, we have built a handicapped accessible fishing dock at Sheldon Lake in City Park and a handicapped accessible maze in Rolland Moore Park. We have also helped Campfire Girls, Halfway House, Humane, Society, and cleanup on Hwy 14. Every year we also help along with the other Lions Clubs in the area, with the Channel Nine Health Fair.